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How we can help!

Emotional Support

The Tyler Foundation's primary purpose to help provide financial assistance for families that have a child with epilepsy.   Due to such a large need for assistance, we had to limit it so that we can really make a difference in the families we can help. In order to be considered for financial assistance you must meet the following criteria:


  1. Have a child that has epilepsy.

  2. Your child must be a patient at Children's Hospital Boston or UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center.  We require a letter from the Dr. or referal from the social worker for confirmation.

  3. You are in need of financial assistance due to the financial costs of having a child with epilepsy.  Whether it be co-pays, therapy equipment, parking, food while in the hospital, etc.   Save all receipts, as we will require them in order to provide funding.


How do you apply for funding?

Due to HIPPA and privacy rules, we require that all persons requesting financial support work directly with the epilepsy social workers at Children's Hospital Boston or with your Neurologist or Nurse at UMass.  We work very closely with both teams to ensure that all families are helped out to the best of our ability.   Often times they can provide additional funding options to suplement or in place of the Tyler Foundation.


Are you in need of assistance from the Tyler Foundation?

The Tyler Foundation provides financial support for families of children who are patients at Children's Hospital Boston or UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center.


Please read the information below to learn about the ways we can help. 

Programs and Resources

Often times if may not be financial support you need, but the ability to talk to someone else who has been through a similar experience.  We have a group of families in place that have volunteered their time to meet with or talk to families for support, or help answer questions.  Please remember, these are families and not doctors, so they won't be able to provide medical advice. 


Please email us at if you would like us to put you in touch with a family that you could talk to.


Financial Support

Adaptive/Accessible Recreation



  • AccesSportAmerica, a national nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts, offers high-challenge sports and training programs for children and adults of all disabilities. Programs are offered year-round in the Greater Boston area. High-challenge sports include adaptive windsurfing, outrigger canoeing, surfing, water skiing, sailing, rowing, wall climbing, tennis, soccer, and cycling.


  • All Out Adventures is a nonprofit organization that provides year-round outdoor activities for people with disabilities and their friends and family. Programs are inclusive, allowing children and adults of all abilities to participate together. All Out Adventures runs programs for the state Universal Access Program and the Statewide Head Injury Program.


  • CHD Disability Resources' barrier-free sports and recreation programs are open to anyone with physical disabilities or visual impairments in the Springfield MA area. Adult and junior sports programs include sled hockey, swimming, cycling, golf, wheelchair basketball, soccer, and more. Adaptive sports equipment is available for borrowing for personal use.


  • K.I.D.S. is a volunteer-run non-profit organization based in Lowell MA that provides a wide range of sports and recreation activities for children and young adults with special needs. K.I.D.S. specialized athletic programs serve families throughout the Merrimack Valley, and include team sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer; as well as swimming, horseback riding, martial arts, golf, bowling, and many other activities.


  • Massachusetts Little League: Challenger Program  is a special division of Little League baseball for boys and girls with physical and intellectual disabilities, ages 5 through 18 (or completion of high school). Players are placed on teams according to ability, not age, and volunteer ‘buddies’ help out as needed.


  • U.S. Paralympics is the division of the U.S. Olympic Committee for athletes with physical and visual disabilities. The U.S. Paralympic Team participates in the Paralympics, a competition for elite paralympic sport athletes, held at the same time and place as the Olympics. Paralympic Sport Clubs are community-based programs where youth and adults with physical and visual disabilities can take part in paralympic sports regardless of skill level.


  • The Massachusetts Special Olympics offers a wide range of Olympic-style individual and team sports and training for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Activities are year-round, and include Winter Games, Summer Games, special tournaments, and training. The cost is free.



  • The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPSoccer) is a community-based youth soccer program for children with physical or mental disabilities. Each program is different and is designed to meet the needs of its team members. The emphasis is on learning skills and having fun.


  • The Ultimate Sports Program (USP) - "Social Inclusion Through Sports" - teaches sports to children with disabilities alongside their friends. The USP runs programs in various Western Massachusetts locations. All programs are free, and include swimming, basketball, sled hockey, baseball, Taekwondo, wiffleball, bowling, rock climbing, and more.



  • LIAM Nation Athletics (formerly known as FOSEK, Friends of Special Education Kidz) sports leagues for special needs children in Tewksbury and surrounding communities in Merrimack Valley. Accomodates athletes of all abilities.Bombers Baseball, Striker Soccer, Little Reds Basketball.



  • Miracle League of Massachusetts provides baseball for special needs children.  Free to participate (includes uniform). Located at The Joseph Lalli Miracle Field in Acton, MA.  he Joseph Lalli Miracle Field opened in September 2012 and is located at NARA Park in Acton, MA. It has a completely rubberized surface that allows for safe and easy mobility for all. There are no raised surfaces to interfere with wheelchairs, walkers or crutches. In addition, the field is completely enclosed by a fence which provides a safe environment for those players who tend to wander or have no sense of danger.


  • New England Wheelchair Athletic Association (NEWAA) - Volunteer organization that helps individuals with physcial disabilities participate in recreational and sports activities.  The NEWAA provides opportunities for athletic competition by sponsoring regional and local meets.


  • Piers Park Sailing provides programs for disabled youth and adults aboard 23-foot sonar sailboats on a no charge basis. Serves those with amputations, paralysis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, hearing impaired, sight impaired and other disabilities. Successfully integrates youth with disabilities into summer youth sailing programs.  Scholarships are available for all Adaptive sailing programs. "Yes You Can Sail" program Friday eves for $35.


  • Spaulding Adaptive Sports offers adaptive sports and recreation activities in Boston, Cape Cod and the North Shore.  Includes wheelchair tennis, hand cycling, adaptive rowing, waterskiing or windsurfing.


  • Waypoint Adventure programs are uniquely adapted to accommodate people with a wide range of disabilities. All programs are custom tailored to be responsive to the diverse needs of individuals and groups. The challenges faced and the support discovered on Waypoint programs transform people’s views of themselves. Individuals walk away from our programs with their heads high and a new realization of their strengths and abilities.





Camp Resources

Below are some resources that we have found helpful in working with families. We hope you find them useful.  If you have recommendations for other resources we can add to this list, please email us at

Your child's teacher, Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) and other parents are a great source of information and ideas for summer camp options. In addition, local park and /or recreation departments may have weekly programs that offer inclusive activities for children. Some may have programs designed for children with special needs.


You also can call local chapters of major disability organizations about camps in your area.  Many organizations publish lists of camps and can connect you with camp directors and former campers.


Also try religious organizations, other community groups, your local YMCA and Boys and Girls Club at to find out about summer camp opportunities for your child.


To view a list of camp resources, please visit:

Insurance and Funding

  • Kaleigh Mulligan Program - The Kaileigh Mulligan program is a home care program for severely disabled children who require skilled nursing care or are dependent on assistive technology. It does not count parent income or assets in determining financial eligibility. This program allows children to receive care at home that is equal to the level of care they would receive in a nursing home or other medical facility.


  • Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund - The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund (CICRF) helps families bear the excessive financial burdens associated with the care of children with special health care needs and disabilities. CICRF is a payor of last resort. It provides financial assistance for Massachusetts families with children experiencing a medical condition requiring services that are not covered by a private insurer, federal or state assistance, or any other financial source.


  • The Federation for Children with Special Needs provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their professional partners, and their communities. We are committed to listening to and learning from families, and encouraging full participation in community life by all people, especially those with disabilities.

Therapy and Equipment

  • Refurbished Equipment Marketplace - - They have a great selection of durable medical equipment that is sold at a deep discount. Free pickup is available if you live in the area, but they can also ship items as well.


  • Rehab Equipment Exchange - - This national network is a FREE service to facilitate the exchange and transfer of used rehabilitation equipment. Individuals can use the website to buy, sell, or donate used rehab items of many types, including wheelchairs, pediatric equipment, mobility aids, ADL (Activities of Daily Living) aids, communication devices, assistive technology, and exercise equipment.


  • getATstuff - - Here you can look for or list Assistive Technology devices (plus they list most other DME equipment too!) for sale or for free. The goal of getATstuff is to help get Assistive Technology devices (and DME equipment) that are no longer being used into the hands of people who need and can benefit from them.


  • REquipment  - - REquipment is a great way to obtain free, gently-used, durable medical equipment (DME) for use by individuals and families in Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts.


  • Next Day Access - - Whole Home, Whole Life Approach to Accessible Living. Whole home means we can address each area of your home and recommend a professional accessibility solution that will allow you the freedom and independence to enjoy every level of your home. Whole life means we can adapt your home to fit the needs you have today and for a lifetime, as well as meet the demands of your unique life story.


  • Pass It On - Pediatric Recycled Medical Equipment & Assistive Technology for those in Need

Pass It On, Inc.

P.O. Box 2120

Mashpee, MA  02649

(508) 477-6966



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